30 September 2019

Historic Prices

In 1974 what was the average price of a used Cessna 310?

There's gaps in what the internet will provide when making a period GURPS character.


  1. GOOD question! About the only thing I can think of would be to find some long-time pilots online and ask them. I don't know if Cessna and Piper had been all but driven out of business by ill-thought-out changes in the liability laws at that time, but if the date you're thinking is after the change in the law, that would push prices up, since new planes were very scarce.

    1. The date I picked was when George Jung was building his smuggling enterprise and the character is a pilot bring up cocaine from Columbia.

      The modern price for a 1972 Cessna 310 is $92,500. TL7's starting wealth is 3/4 of TL8's so I multiplied by 0.75 to get $69,375 for the 1974 price. That means I can get away with the x5, 20-point 'Wealthy' starting wealth with an unsettled lifestyle.

      The archives of Flying or AOPA Pilot might have prices in them.

    2. I don't know this GURPS of whom you speak, but seems I recall the 310 was also cross configured and used by many countries for transport/comms/observation platforms. Central and South America was a common location to find them (though I am not certain about Columbia). Perhaps your guy could have picked one up in a midnight special deal down there?

  2. in 1990-92 I bought mine for 135k. they were probably in the 90-95k range or less back then. not sure.
    john h

  3. Maybe someone at https://www.aircraftbluebook.com would be generous and/or curious enough to help?


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