19 September 2019

Mystery Holster

While at the local pawn shop ogling an all original 1944 Remington-Rand M1911A1; Willard laid eyes on an old leather holster.

"What's that for?" he asked.

"A gun!" I, helpfully, suggested.

"We don't know." the Pawn Mistress said.

But for $10 how far wrong can he go?  So he purchased it; hoping it would fit his .30 Carbine Blackhawk.

It's a Hunter Holsters 1100P-22.

They no longer list the #22 size.

Through the magic power of Bing, after Duck-Duck-Go failed, I was able to determine that it's for a Colt Woodsman.

The near identical Colt Challenger fits right in there!

The threads in the seam had failed, so I sewed them back up.  Before the repair, it didn't seem like it was the correct fit.


  1. If I had the urge to holster carry my vintage 1958 Colt Woodsman, I'd offer you good money for it. But I have a Browning Buckmark for such duty. My beloved Woodsman was used by me quite a bit for target shooting and firearms training of others. A woman tried to fire it with the safety on and snapped the fragile sear. I luckily found an N.O.S. one and my gun was as good as new. I haven't fired it since then, because of the sentimental value and having the Browning to play with. Nice job fixing the stitching.

    1. It's the same pawn shop that sold me the Challenger in the first place, so it's not a huge shock to find an accessory for it there.

      For beginners I have a 1957 Ruger Standard Model.

  2. I've found several holsters of use in the $10 box before. That one looks just like the one that fits my Ruger RST 6. I found one that fits my 686 perfectly, but was a bit ragged. A little TLC, and some black shoe polish, and it's every bit as good as any other holster I've purchased brand new.

  3. I always look through the discount holster boxes. Bought a few that never fit anything but weren't marked, and some that fit guns I intended to buy some day, but never did. IIRC, I've got about 70 holsters, a mix of new special order, new OTS, NOS, and used. Helps that I'm left-handed, so lots of unsold ones, sadly balanced by the higher than normal defect rate for left-handed holsters.

    I've got two brand new ones from the same semi-custom maker that are bad. One of them I bought twice(!) from the same gun school store. Wasn't made right. When it is put on a belt, it gets so tight the gun cannot be removed. I sent it back to them for warrantee credit, and they just put it back on the shelf. A few months later a shooting buddy took another class there, mentioned that they had it, and grabbed it for me. Same damn holster. Can't be repaired, it's just junk. I don't recall why I never bothered to return them to Gunsite. Something going on at the school, or at Milt Sparks, maybe. This was '96. The other one has a bad snap, broke the first day, and would require disassembly and restitching to repair, and I don't do stitching.

    Oddly enough, I think every one of those I actually use have been modified by me to some extent. Basically custom fitting or tuning, or swapping pieces of shoulder rigs. I've modded cars, bikes, and laser and other optical systems, so it comes naturally.


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