28 September 2019

Stabby Shotty

My old Remington 870 Express can now accept an M16 type bayonet!

It's been a dream for a good long time, finally realized.

Sadly, it doesn't count as a banned feature because it's a pump shotgun and because bayonet lugs were apparently safe on shotguns from 1994 to 2004 despite being extra deadly on rifles.

The kit is from S&J Hardware in Canada.

Getting the damn thing attached was a lot more work than it should have been.  The barrel side of the connector doesn't spread far enough to get over the Sage front sight.  That sight has been on the gun for close to 30 years and had taken something of a set.  Then, because of my heat shroud, everything has to be lined up at the same time before you start screwing the magazine extension back on.

Pretty fetching now, though, isn't it?

It's now totally unsuited for legal hunting because it holds too many rounds and it's not simple to just plop the old magazine cap back on.

Speaking of too many rounds!  It has the same 7+1 capacity with 2-3/4" rounds it had with the old Choate extension.  With 3" rounds capacity went up from 6+1 to 7+1.

Update:  Links!

The bayonet lug and magazine connector.
The magazine extension with spring, follower and sling mount. 
Cheaper, Remington, magazine extension with spring.


  1. What no link to S&J! boy you're lazy.

  2. $95.00 for that! WTF you got to be kidding me!

    1. I didn't put a link up because I knew the price would either scare people or cause them to call me an idiot.

      More worried about being called an idiot.

      The cheaper option is the NCStar thing with rails. https://www.opticsplanet.com/ncstar-shotgun-tube-mount-w-picatinny-rails.html?_iv_code=NC-MT-SHGNRL-MSHBAYREM

      I didn't care for the looks and NCStar is... uh... spotty on the QC.

      It's a lot cheaper than a genuine ex-USMC bayonet adapter or a complete Mossberg.

    2. I'd have saved $50 by getting the Remington mag extension instead of the S&J.

      I couldn't re-use the Choate because it didn't have a place for the ring on the bayonet.

  3. Hey Angus;

    I like it :) Never thought about putting a bayonet lug on my 870, Now I am considering it.

  4. Ah... you... bastige. Now my 870 is crawling on the floor, whimpering at me. Bad enough that I need to put sights on the damned woe-begotten thing, now it wants stabby-stabby.

    Oh, you're gonna pay for this, buddy!


    1. Beans. A friend gave me a military surplus long bayonet, and I machined an adapter for my Mossberg 500. It turned out pretty nice.

    2. LALALALALA - I can't hear you, I can't hear you - LALALALALALALA.

      Seriously, my snotgun is whining at me because all you have such big beautiful stabby-stabbiness.

      Which means I need to get off my butt and do some work on said snotgun.

      That, and I'm jealous. Hmmm. Wonder if I could get one of those 16" Springfield/Garand bayos... Hmmmm...

  5. DAMNITMAN! Now I have things to buy....
    Seriously, the shotgun looks awesome!

  6. What the hell kind of bayonet is that?

    1. USMC's OKC 3S bayonet. They didn't like the Army's M9 and they wanted something to replace the Ka Bar too.

  7. Before Saturday, I hadn't even considered a bayonet mount for my 870.

    Now I kind of want one. It makes me feel like I'm just copying our host, but it looks neat. And it will freak out the leftists.

    (But I have a Choate mag extension, so I'd have to replace that. And ghost ring sights and sling swivels are higher priorities for that gun right now. And I already have a two page "to do" list of stuff i want to get done to my guns. And and and...)

    ==Slab Bulkhead

  8. I like the Magpul stock set. Nice thing about the Mossberg 590 is that it is already set up for a bayonet. But the stock is too long for me. I think the Magpul set will bring it down a little for me so you don't need gorilla length arms.

    1. The 870 set came with a bunch of spacers to let the user pick a length of pull.


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