01 September 2019

Tarnished Halo

St. JT has somewhat tarnished his halo with his response to the ease with which I got my pilot bearing out.

He said, very quietly, "fuck you!"

That said, he's one of the reasons it took me so much time to get motivated to get that bearing out.

He'd tried both the slide hammer and the screw-type pullers and ended up getting the bearing out in pieces.  Pieces which fought every inch of the way out.

Sorry, JT.


  1. I've gotten that same response when I have done the 'unpossible' in front of skeptical 'professionals.'

    Well, you can spend the time cleaning out the clutch dust. Is it as bad as brake dust?

    1. It's coarser and kinda spongy. Prolly still get a mess of feel eel moaners from it.

  2. I was going to tell you this earlier but you already had it out but since you brought it up again...
    Your buddy is going to hate me for this but there is a freakin' easy way to get those out without a puller.
    ( I have actually done this with margarine because that was all I had handy)
    Pack the hole in the middle with grease completely.
    Then find a wooden dowel or a metal rod that fits the hole fairly tightly. Now drive the dowel into the middle of the bearing towards the front of the engine. The hydraulic action will cause the grease to push the bearing right out. Like I said, I used margarine once and it still worked like a charm.

    1. We're still looking for it, but we both remember reading to not do this with the LS engines and cannot remember WHY they said to not do it.

      I've found a video where someone used bread of all damn things to substitute for the grease.

      When I described what I had to do to get both prongs into the bearing, he mentioned that he didn't have to do that. That made him wonder if he was actually grabbing the back of the bearing.

    2. My guess would be they are concerned about damage to the crankshaft thrust bearing or the flywheel flange on the crank.
      Being the old school gimme a bigger hammer kinda guy I would do it anyway although I do still have the Snap On puller I had to buy just for them twenty years ago. It doesn't screw on a slide hammer, it uses either the flywheel or the flange to push against as the jaws pull. Spendy little joker back in the day.
      So are you going to get the flywheel surfaced?

    3. Brand new flywheel.

      Two things made me get a new one.

      First resurfacing is around $100 at the shops willing to do it around here. New one was under $60.

      Second resurfacing has a wait time of a couple months! Speed shops aren't what they used to be.

      Another consideration with this clutch is the amount you can remove is VERY limited, and I got told several times that it could easily need more than the max allowed removed.


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