25 September 2019

The Funny Thing Is

I don't even really want to open carry.

What I want is a more comfortable option to carry, and that hazards brief exposure.

Outside the waistband under a bowling or Hawaiian shirt, for example.

The wind gets a vote.

Under the laws as written, if I notice in time, that might be "brief exposure" and I'd be OK.

The problem with the law as written is the legislature never defined what they meant by brief exposure and left it up to the local constabulary to decide.

Many have made it a matter of policy that any exposure is open carry.

That it was going to be this way was clear during the committee hearings and the statements of the Law Enforcement Officer organizations.

From their repeated statements, it was obvious that the only way for a person whom honestly lost track of their cover garment for a moment to be treated as the brief exposure law intended was for the law to actually allow open carry.  In Florida that would mean licensed open carry.

The skirmishes with the state congress creatures and the state's law enforcement organizations ended up making me more radical than I originally intended and my goal became getting unlicensed, unrestricted open carry of anything the carrier can lug just to piss off the police organizations who've been preventing my previous, reasonable, goal.

That it would also anger "don't rock the boat, my cats will fall out" Marion Hammer... bonus round!


  1. In Kommiecticut, open carry is allowed by law, because it is not prohibited by law. But here's what happens if the wind votes on letting your shirttail go free.

    1). A hoplophobe sees it, screams in fear, and calls 911.
    2). You are arrested; your firearm and pistol permit are confiscated, and you can bond out.
    3). You get an attorney and prepare for court.
    4). Before any court appearance or trial, the prosecutor dismisses all charges, which should never have been brought.
    5). Your permit and firearm(s) are returned.
    6). You are out your legal fees, and have simply been harassed for daring to carry a firearm.

    Open carry except in a very few certain circumstances in Kommiecticut is foolish. However, the law as it stands is OK in the fact it keeps you out of jail for someone seeing a firearm or a print of one. There is NO recourse against the ninny that called the cops on you.

  2. Yup. I want open carry because, well, I sweat at 40 degrees. Anything above 80 is melting. Have been like this all my life, from when I was underweight and skinny, to, um, overweight and not skinny.

    I want open carry because some days just a shirt and shorts is almost too much clothing. And I'd like to carry the few times I am shirtless. (Very few times.)

    Constitutional Carry is what I want. All the way. Yes, some people will take it to the extreme, multiple firearms and such, but so what? It should be their right, as stated in that "shall not be infringed" part of the Second Amendment. CCW permits are an infringement on my rights. So are forcing concealment.

  3. You have a very good point. Me, when I carry (seldom) I can fit it into my pocket. Unless I run into Gollum "what does it have in its pocketses, my preciouss?" I can get by pretty easily. But I can see why others are inconvenienced, particularly since Our Beloved Leaders have not, in their infinite wisdom, defined exactly what is meant by "brief exposure."


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