23 September 2019

Three More Years!

Got my C&R renewal back today.

I don't do much with it, but it's sure handy when I do.

It's kind of sad that the surplus finally dried up.

Private sellers and gun shops are slowly coming around to recognizing that it's OK to ship to Crufflers, and that's excellent news.

Also excellent news is any gun made in 1969 or earlier is C&R eligible.

That's a whole lotta AR-15 SP-1's!


  1. Good for you.

    And, yeah, yet another intrusion into our lives by our lords and masters.

    In a free world, we wouldn't need a license. Bastiges! Bastiges, all!!!

    Other than that, glad your car is getting better...

    (sorry about the delete, I incorrectly grammared and punctuated and it was killing me once I saw what I did...)

  2. I have a C & R as well. The only time I ever tried to use it was at Cabela's and they refused it. But I figure it's probably not a bad thing to keep it up. 3 years for $30 is a bargain.


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