24 September 2019

Which Is Scarier?


Or this:

If you're scared by the first picture and not the second, I don't think you're paying attention.

If you're worried that the person in the first picture is going to cost you your rights because that's scaring people; stop yelling at your fellow gun owners and start convincing the mundanes that the second picture is a lot more scary.

Because the people in the second picture will sure as shit take away all of your rights as soon as they are ordered to do so.  How do I know that?  Because the cops enforce unconstitutional laws every day.  Because the police have obeyed those illegal orders every single time they've been issued.

History shows it time and time again.

That's the real problem.

People (the mundanes) don't understand that we own the government and not the other way around.

People (the mundanes) don't grasp that because of that ownership we cannot delegate a power to the government that we do not personally, and individually, possess.

Where does the power for the police to openly carry come from?

Where did the authority to bar you from carrying a gun come from?

The mundanes have become inured to seeing not just openly armed police, but militarily armed police.

The government and police, in the process of exceeding their mandates and authority have, repeatedly, demanded to be the only-ones allowed to be openly armed.  They have been so successful that the common person, with no knowledge of firearms and little awareness of politics, is terrified that someone without a badge be seen with a gun.

They have been so successful that even pro-gun people will step up to demand that monopoly remain intact!

Sadly, there's no way to get someone used to seeing a gun without them seeing a gun.

The panicky herd creatures that the common people are need to call 911 and be asked, "what are they doing with that gun?" and if the answer is "just carrying it" then the caller needs lectured.

26 states are doing just that.  By the way, that's up from 11 in 2009.
6 states allow some local restriction on open carry, down from 13 in 2009.
13 states allow open carry with a permit, down from 19 in 2009.
4 states plus DC outright forbid open carry, down from 7 plus DC in 2009.
California is so muddled that you cannot tell if open carry is allowed or not.

In 2009 43 states had some form of open carry.
Today there are 45 states allowing some kind of open carry, but the percentage of them being unrestricted is much higher.  Only California became more restrictive.

Open carry is spreading, not contracting.


To everyone linking in from Racontuer Report:  Aesop doesn't mention that he's been deleted from commenting here before for being a dick about things.  He's cleaned up his language in his "recreation" of his comment here that got deleted.

Which was sad because there was a lot good in that comment, but he'd been warned before.

So far the people who're spending the most time being pissed off at open carry are mainly just being dicks and throwing insults and attempting to belittle anyone who disagrees with them.

Ridicule, as I've said before, only works when the recipient of the insult cares if the insulting party likes them.  I've also said before that I don't tolerate bullies, which he is.


  1. Let's see. Well-dressed, responsible-looking people, vs SWAT being used to serve misdemeanor warrants so they can 'practice' being SWAT.

    I'll be much happier with those in #1 than those in #2. And I like a lot of cops, even some SWAT members.

    But once they put the badged-orc outfit on, they are no longer your friend. Seriously not your friend, like, shoot your dog because it looked at them bad.

    There are a lot of good, law-abiding cops who also value the Constitution and won't enforce illegal orders. You know what they call those cops? Retired. The new cops (those in the last 20 years) are perfectly happy not following the law, threatening wheelchair bound women with service dogs with shooting the dog (yes, happened to my lady wife, in front of me, and I worked at the PD of the officer.) Or, well, officer does something stupid like parking too close to a car, then when the car's door bumps the cruiser, lays assault charges on the driver, and tries to make it a racial thingy because (no, never had that happen to me, a whole lost year of my life going back to court before I was finally vindicated, after a trial, where the jury took longer to elect a foreman and to stop laughing before clearing me.) Or listening to SWAT members brag about how many dogs they've shot. Or "remember, don't set fire to the couch this time." Or, well, lots more stories I won't tell...

    Yeah. I've been to open-carry states and, well, you know what? Didn't bother me at all. What I did notice is usually the open carriers are either very clean or look like they've just come in from a hard day outside. No fugly street hobos, bums, methheads, tweekers, freaks. Just normal people who, oh, nice gun, are carrying. And people tend to be much more polite, as in 'an armed society is a polite society.'

    Not to mention, I grew up in an era where gunracks full of guns was a common feature of pickups. None of the pickup truckers ever went full bat-guano crazy back when it was a legal way to carry in your vehicle. But the gun-appeasers don't even want us to do this. Oh, no. Must have our guns locked away in gun cases behind the seats, unloaded, with ammo in a separate box because that makes all the anti-gunners so much more comfortable.

    Thanks, Angus, for being a voice of freedom amongst all the Quislings out there.

  2. Hey Angus;

    There are a lot of cops that won't follow an unconstitutional law, but there is enough of them that would, That is the problem. the ones breaking down the doors will be the badge heavy ones that like to harass and fuck with people...just because they can. Those are the ones that will be leading the stack into our homes to get our shit. I am not a fan of open carry due to a personal choice, will I tell someone that they can't? no. We have the choice thingie that the constitution gives us. Just with open carry, you have to be really situational aware to keep someone from blindsiding you because they want your gun. In my mind open carry works in a group because someone will always have your "6".
    I can relate to your Pickup truck with rifle racks. That was my high school in the early 1980's. Kids would go hunting after school and usually the assist principle would comment in your choice of shooting iron. he was a "rightous dude" to use an 80ism.
    Good post btw

    1. Historically there's few enough police who took a moral stand and refused the immoral order that their names are known.

      Lots of cops say they won't, but when it comes down to your job, or even going to jail for refusal, they jump right in.

      I hope to be proven wrong. America is an exception in so many ways, it'd be cool to be the first nation where a significant number of cops refused the order.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. They are both pictures of police. Not sure the green tactical gear makes any difference.


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