07 September 2019

White Supremacy

Quick!  Someone tell Colion Noir he's a white supremacist for advocating for gun rights!

David Hogg thinks the recent spate of mass shootings is because of white supremacy and whatever a post-genocidal society is.

Dave...  Dave, Dave, Dave.

You wanna see what post-genocide looks like.

Go.  To.  Poland.

Now that you're in Silesia, find some Jews.

C'mon Dave.

Now, come back to America.

Who did White America® wipe out so thoroughly as the National Socialists eradicated Jews from Poland?

Blacks?  There's plenty around and their population is pretty steady as a percentage of the total census.

Indians?  Still lots of them around, actually more as a percentage than when we were actively at war with them.

Whom did we commit genocide on?

Well, we did make a game attempt at eliminating Southern Democrats...  but despite killing almost three hundred thousand of them; they persist to this day.

Just like decimate, I don't think people know what genocide means.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, Candace Owens is another white supremacist.

    Just a note that by the abortion numbers, it appears the left is trying to wipe out the black populations. They have succeeded in destroying much of black communities by incentivizing fatherless households and destruction of the family - which is where many of the abortions come from. They just haven't completely succeeded in their genocide.


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