21 November 2019

DIY .45

The recent California shooting was done with an 80% 1911.

It appears that his dad made it, so the fact doesn't really seem relevant.

I don't think you can even drag dad into this for legality because he was dead before the serial number requirement took place.

There doesn't seem to be a "DIY" exception to the handgun registration laws, so dad might have been been the one to make an illegal gun that his son illegally took possession of.


  1. Somebody somewhere was writing that the kid went into a really bad depression when he lost his father. They were close and dad died suddenly of heart attack or something like that within the last two years IIRC.

    No excuse for going and killing people, but when they're agonizing over "no motive" for the attack, it might be that he wanted to commit suicide and was in a completely FUBAR mental state.

  2. I guess I need to build a couple of 80% 1911's while I still can. I did one of Polymer80's Spectre Glock compatibles and that was fun. I also would really like to do a 10/22 80%.

  3. Dang. When my Dad died, I had no desire to go kill a bunch of people.

    Sure, I wanted to club the doctors who were treating him for ulcers when they should have been treating him for congestive heart failure, but I didn't even think about shooting them.


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