08 November 2019

Of Course It's A Gun Free Zone

Rode with my father-in-law to get his truck registered here in Florida.

I was kicked out for having a gatorade by the most arrogant employee I've ever encountered.

An arrogance that thrives in DMV's across the nation.

I noticed that, while I cannot eat or drink anything while inside the county's precious building, nothing is stopping the employees from chewing gum so that it sounds like a march of sopping wet vaginas in a poorly sound balanced porn film.

Remember when you didn't chew gum at work because it was unprofessional?

While I was outside, waiting for FiL, I noticed the looks on my fellow citizen's faces.  The mood was grim on entry and angry on exit.

It seems the arrogance runs deep.

The customer service is such that I think that if someone were to grab their, "Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon," and went to town on the employees that the customers would react with, "there's one hiding under the desk there," and, "one ran out the back, if you hurry you can still catch them!"

I think I might just remind my county tax collector that he's an elected official in an office that's very easily primaried (ask him how HE got the job) and if he can't make the process more customer centric, then, perhaps, someone else should hold the office.

As an aside, I notice that while there is a teeny little decal saying "No outside food or drink please" the only mention of smoking is the "No smoking within 50' of entrance".

I think I am going to measure 50' from the door inside the place and have me a cigar next visit.  Not posted, stand alone structure.  That, at least, is actually against the law and not because some petty apparatchik likes to lord their power over you.

Additional aside: am I the only person who wonders at the demographics of the DMV?  My county is 96% white, yet the Tax Collector's office employs around 75% blacks.  That seems racist to have disproportionate racial representation in the government.

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  1. Do you live in Lincoln County, Oregon too? Luckily, I live between 2 crazy places. One is Old School Timber industry. The other is, idiots, who have no knowledge of the situation. The blue voters. Clueless.


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