13 November 2019

Training Standards

The Ranger template in GURPS 4e is 191 points.

IQ and DX are cranked to 13 each to save points on the DX and IQ based skills.

Each 20 per point in those stats saves more than 20 points in skills outlays.

It's built in optimization.

I have managed to get MacTavish down to 211 points by lowering a couple of skills and justifying with atrophy.

I think I can drop it even further by dropping DX and IQ to 12 each and using the excuse that training standards are lower during the war than they are in the idealized world of GURPS: Special Ops.

Jungle survival, for example, would probably be dropped from the normal curriculum because the war is in Europe.

GURPS and good character design "forces" me to consider MacTavish's college education.  I decided he was on an athletic scholarship for biathlon.  This included a point into Geology to model "rocks for jocks".

Lowering the stats and some of the skills gets me down to 149 points and I feel that accurately reflects the character I played in T2K, even if it's not quite what Special Ops would want.

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