27 February 2021

New VS Old

I might be of an age...

But rewatching Star Trek vs Star Trek: Next Generation...

OG Star Trek holds up much better on rewatch than the later version.


  1. You had some of the top names in SF writing for the original Star Trek.

  2. Hey Angus;

    And catch the "Remastered" version with the new CGI, it is even better.

    1. Even better are the enhanced 'full' episodes where you get to see stuff normally cut out to add more commercial space.

    2. Those are the version I've been watching on Amazon. The updated FX is certainly one reason it's holding up well.

  3. i got the originals in Blu-ray for Christmas...wahoo

  4. The Trek I know best is the animated show. TOS was never on when/where I could catch it (damn living in a fringe reception area) and TNG was on cable channels I didn't get for a long time. Sometime I want to watch ALL of Star Trek, maybe bingewatch the whole thing.

  5. The Dominion War story line on ST: DS9 holds up well.

  6. My kids call Star Trek TNG "Cruise Ship Trek" which I think is hilarious. They should replace the music with the theme from The Love Boat. You may think I'm crazy but if you ever get a chance to revisit Star Trek - The Animated Series you'll find that it holds up pretty well too. It's certainly better than anything animated out there today.


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