11 February 2021


10 stages of Genocide.  What step are we at now?

Just like the stages of grief, they don't always come in order.

I think we have at least 3 of 10 going on right now.


  1. I think we daily see evidence of stages four, five and six. The talk about deprogramming Trump supporters or (the weekly catch word) "white supremacists" for one example, and that NPR attorney talking about seizing the children of Trump supporters for deprogramming camps as another example, are certainly stage six.

    Stage five, organization: what about Antifa? They murdered a guy in Portland just for wearing a MAGA hat. That's an organized murder gang. Don't forget the Bernie bro' who attacked that baseball game. Would have killed off the congressional majority if not for the fact that one leadership guy came and had a protection detail.

  2. Stage 4 or 5. The Left has dehumanized centrists and right-wingers by labeling them with words that make the labeled 'less than human.'


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