01 September 2016

Axis And Ammunition

The package series 10/110 and 11/111 guns from Savage come with the same magazine as the lower tier Axis rifles.

In 2005 Savage converted from a double stack, double feed magazine to a double stack, single feed they call "center-feed".  What's interesting is the sheet metal, including feed lips, is identical between blind magazines, hinged floor-plates, premium detachable box magazine (DBM) and the Axis line.

The only difference between the Premium DBM and Axis DBM is the magazine floorplate and the surround for the magazine well.  The Premium magazine's latch is part of the rifle and built into the mag well surround.  The Axis magazine latch is a plastic space-age polymer hook and the surround has a shelf for it.

Converting to the Premium DBM means a new surround (p/n 106706; $78)* and at least a new floor plate (p/n 106104; $24)*.  It might also require a new trigger guard (p/n 107217; $26)*.

Replacement Axis magazines for a long action are $34.38* from Midway.  Replacement Premium magazines are $42.50.*

I can't easily find a price for a replacement bottom for the Axis magazine.

*YMMV these are the part numbers for my gun, other calibers and finishes may differ.

The "cheap plastic" front magazine latch.

The rear hook that's common to all Savage center-feed magazines, even the ones that aren't detachable.
Despite worries about the plastic front front latch from the Axis system, I've read far more complaints about the rear hook being misformed or damaged, causing feed problems.  It was problematic enough that people were asking how to convert to blind magazines!  Happily I am not finding recent complaints about it.

It's just barely a double stack magazine holding only four rounds.

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