04 September 2016


Attempted to eliminate some creep on the rimfire Savages last night.

So we polished on the sear some.

Mine went from a very gritty and creepy 5-1/2 lb to 4-1/4 lb. with just a bit of stagey creep when you first start pulling.  Marv's saw a similar improvement.


A problem is the pull is erratic.  Every once an a while, it's still very gritty.  Every once and a while it's a pound heavier.  Every once and a while, it's both.

I think I want to try mounting an Accutrigger® to mine.

I found (I think) the part number at Savage: One Piece Trigger Assy RH AT E-Recvr - p/n 700027 for $47.

The main wrinkle is that it's a gunsmith only part, so you can't just order it online.  I'll have to call them and ask how a shadetree mechanic could get hold of one.

PS, the serial number range for the Wal Mart 93F in .22 WMR appears to be 2592494 through 2619732.

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