05 September 2016

Range Table

If you look at the weapons tables, .270 Win appears to be inferior to .30-06.

.270 has ranges of 900/3,600 vs 1,100/4,500 and gives up a point of damage with 7d pi vs 7d+1 pi.

It has a lower ST and less recoil though.  9† vs 10† and -3 vs -4 respectively.


Recoil just doesn't matter with a RoF of 1.

Range really doesn't either...

At 1/2D range:

900 yards is -16.  1,100 yards is -17.

Assuming we use the TL8 Savage 110 with the Accutrigger and the same 3-9x40 Scope for both calibers.  Acc is 6.  Scope bonus is +3.  When you aim long enough to get the optics bonus, you also get +2 just for aiming.  Let's also assume we brace real good for that +1 too.

+12 total.

So any shot will be a net -4 or -5 to skill anyways.  To the -0 to hit body.  So a given shooter is less likely to be able to utilize the extra 200 yards of the .30-06 because it crosses a range band!

At Max Range?

Net -8 for either round.  You'd need a skill of 18 for a 50-50 chance to hit.  A 7 or less chance at the vitals with that skill.

Did I mention that a skill of 18 in Guns/TL8 (Rifle) for a DX 10 average schmo is going to cost 28 points?  And really, that's what you're going to need to realistically engage at the 1/2D range because you really need at least a 14 or less to not be completely frustrated because you're firing one shot every 5 seconds here.

That same skill is 24 points for the skill and 20 points for DX 11.  20 points for the skill and 40 points for DX 12...  Just for those who raise the "just increase your DX and it's cheaper!" argument.

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