01 September 2016

Something Else I Was Wrong About

The act of owning a FUDD rifle has not made me despise my AR's and think they should be banned.

Hmmmm, neither did the acquisition of a shotgun with a 30" barrel.

I should get a hunting license and see if that's the proximate cause.

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  1. It's not a reciprocal equation!

    The only way it works is step one, be a Baby Boomer (you'll note that "Moms Demand Action" comprises of Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers) who maybe gets fewer than 6 hunting permits a decade...but the last 40 years nothing, and only hunts during rifle season, never bow or black powder.

    They also probably killed less than 3 deer in their life...and I even doubt that, as they are only on their second box of ammo for their rifle in their lives.

    They only own their one Fudd gun, and see no reason why anybody would own anything different.

    Their opposition to modern guns is really just the path of least resistance.


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