01 September 2016

Optics Mounting Problem

Marv has mounted a scope on his Savage 93F.  It's some sort of UTG thing.  I can't tell you what model it is because it don't say on the scope and their web page don't acknowledge it.

Notice that the rings are at the extreme ends of the scope's tube?

He'd better hope he likes the location of the eye relief, because he's not moving that forward or back.

It just underscores two things for me.

1. Get the dimensions for both your mounting points and the scope tube.
2. The cheaper the vendor, the less likely it will be you have those dimensions before you order.

Also note the illegal in New York ten round magazine!


  1. Does the top of the receiver have "rimfire" type slots for the scope bases? If that is the case then you can get bases and rings just about anywhere that should work, as that mounting is kinda universal for a lot of rimfire rifles, the Marlin 60s I have use the same kind of notches in the receiver.

    1. Drilled and tapped, no .22 claw grooves.

  2. That scope must have a really short tube then.

  3. Here is my story on the 93F
    Thursday - went to wally world South Bend IN - yep, we have it, yep, 99 bucks - oh, I am so sorry, you are from the state 10 minutes north of us, we can't sell it to you. Uh! Since when? I have been buying long guns in your town for 20 years? Nope - company policy.

    Well, crap! Drove 15 min north to wally world over the line, yep we have it, yep it is 99 bucks, so sorry, can't sell it to you. our NICS computer terminal is down.

    Well crap! Drove 35 minutes farther north (where I live) and walked in today, Saturday - yep we have it, yep our NICS computer is working, price is $197. Eh? Check that again please, sure, scans the bar code, yep, 197 bucks.

    No FUDD gun to play with and it is not showing on their online inventory either, probably a closeout, never to be offered again.

    Mighty peeved about this wally world policy, no restrictions at any other stores on long guns, you can buy one wherever you go (except AR type - those are classified as potential handguns, since you can "easily" modify them - no dealer will sell one to an out of state person at least in this region, going to find out if this holds next time I go to AZ). So xcrew you WW, just lost a customer for a very long time.


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