02 September 2016

Time Capsule

I found a cache of old "Gun Tests" magazines from late 1999 to early 2001.

Plain paper stuff.

I see that they're still around and on the web now.

Kind of neat to see what's still for sale and what's gone by the wayside.  Plus the change in prices...


  1. I used to like reading them, not least because (if this is the same magazine I remember) they made a point of not accepting advertising money from gun manufacturers, to make sure their reviewers stayed honest.

    1. They suffer greatly from small sample size bias though. Still, it was refreshing, however, if their test gun sucked, they'd say it sucked.

      Their magazine kind of killed the dream of getting a Browning A-Bolt for me. They're also the people who started the Bolt Gun Agony that lasted nearly 17 years to resolve.


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