29 October 2018

Adventures In Fast Food

The Lovely Harvey loves her a McDondald's McRib.

Last night I attempted to sate her desire.

Because not every Mac Shack in the area participates in the annual McRib disbursement, we'd gone to the worst McDonald's in the area.

We got one that was fridge cold and without the signature BBQ sauce.

Knowing from past experience going back and complaining would do no good, we tried a different location.

We went inside and I asked, "Does your crew know how to make a McRib?"

She looked as if she couldn't believe her ears, "Uh... it's three things.  Sauce, onions and pickles."

"Do you heat it up?"

"Yes, why?"

"Because you know two things the other location apparently doesn't about making them!"

We got two properly prepared from the second, better location and Harvey is sated.

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