22 October 2018

It's Not Combat

Something just clicked about the people who're using two and three gun matches as training for combat.

The answer to many of the problems presented in the match, if you're an infantryman, is to toss in a frag.

Pull, ping, count, BOOM.

Alternatively, you simply light the place on fire.

While eminently fun, throwing grenades and burning things aren't the same kind of fun that 2-gun and 3-gun bring.

If you're sitting there thinking, "but Thag, I don't have any grenades!"  You're not using your imagination.  There's gobs and gobs of common household items that add up to grenade and incendiary device.

So common, in fact, that it's nigh impossible to take them away from a population to protect your own forces in a war zone.

Bear in mind, taking these common household items and making a grenade is manufacturing a destructive device and without an approved Form 1, you're making an illegal NFA item.  One would expect, though, that should Warre be declared, niceties like ATF approval are going to be widely ignored.

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