25 October 2018

Amendment Selection

For The Record:

On the Amendments I am voting:

#1: Yes.
#2: Yes.
#3: No.
#4: No.
#5: Yes.
#6: No.
#7: No.
#9: No.
#10: Yes.
#11: No.
#12: Yes.
#13: No.


  1. I think your #10 should be a "No" and not a "Yes" - re-read the item and consider. Then again, I am just a Michigander with extra time on his hands this morning ;-)

    1. Yes on ten would force city/county entities, like Miami-Dade, to elect their CLEO instead of appoint them.

    2. Why the no on #11?

      All the "gun safety" orgs and newspapers (BIRM) are against it.

      Link to $RightThink

    3. We've enough problems with people from inside the US moving here and screwing the place up. #11 allows foreign nationals to own real estate. Poison pill for me.

      Furreners owning property has done wonderful things for California and Washington, for example.

    4. I'm also generally opposed to amendments that do more than one thing. 11 has like four unrelated things.

    5. The foreign nationals thing has never been enforced and you have Oyama v. State of California, 332 U.S. 633 (1948) against it too.

      It's a dead letter.

      On the multiple unrelated thing bit. It's from stupid Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC), they said fuckit smashed it all into just one amendment dropped it on the ballot.

      Also, the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida doesn't like it either. So it's got that going for it too. :D


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