30 October 2018

Doing Some Research

I've yet to find someone outside of California complaining about open-carry who isn't in a state where open carry is allowed.

I've yet to find someone who lives in Florida who thinks that what happened in Miami was a tragic error that will get guns banned forever.  In fact, everyone in Florida who's posted on it seems to support the event.


Because we noticed what happened in July.

The people who are insultingly and derisively condemning the open carry event in Miami don't seem to note it.

The cops showed up, guns drawn, tasers out, and assaulted a peaceable assembly of people exercising their rights in a legal manner.

People doing nothing wrong.

Lemme say that again for the people who're slow on the uptake.


The reply from the most recent event was, indeed, over the top!

Wanna know something else?

Still didn't do anything wrong.  They've a right to do what they were doing and they were in full compliance with the law to do what they did.

Why is that so fucking hard to comprehend?

Lemme lay out a quote, since you clearly don't understand:

"Just cause you don't understand what's going on don't mean it don't make no sense.  And just cause you don't like it, don't mean it ain't no good."  M. Muir.

The lack of comprehension about how events led to the open carry event on October 20, 2018 cannot be accidental.  It's a deliberate refusal to read the explanations of the people who were on the ground and participating.  It cannot be otherwise because the people who are refusing to understand have shown, repeatedly, that they are smart enough to grasp the explanations.

When your position is farther away from unrestricted gun-rights than The Miami Times, it's time to rethink your position.

The press called it a stunt, and it was.  It appears to have worked.  The cops behaved.  Nobody got injured, arrested or even detained.  The press coverage was minimal.

The only white people scared by this appear to be people who're claiming to be for gun rights.

Not a single face of the anti-gun crowd has been out there talking about it.  Not even attention-whore David Hogg.  I bring him up, again, because he's local to the event and he hasn't been heard from lately.

If you are more frightened by the open display of firearms than the attention seeking anti-gun spokespeople; it's time to reconsider your position.

The over-the-top reply to the Miami PD's July 24 response has garnered no negative response from anyone BUT supposed pro-gun, pro-liberty bloggers and gun writers.

Another moment where comprehension is lacking is these events were conducted exactly as the people condemning October claim they wish things were done.  Nothing provocative in the clothing, holstered pistols and quality retention holsters.  There's video of the cops coming down on the July 24 event.  People doing nothing wrong and obeying the law were assaulted under the color of law.

And a very vocal segment of the "pro-gun" blogosphere is blaming the victim.



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  1. You, sir, have a great way with words.

    Thank you for being the strongest voice shouting against the tyranny of fools.


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