22 October 2018


What should your first 3-gun or 2-gun set up be?

Guns you already own.


Because you've no idea if you're going to have one iota of fun participating until you signed up for and shot a match.

Because if you don't have fun, then it didn't cost you anything but time, ammo and the entry fees.

Don't go in thinking you've got the wrong gun either.

I shot trap and field at the local Isaac Walton League in Ames with a rifle sighted Rem 870 and placed consistently in the top four.

This very gun, in fact!
If you'd asked a gunwriter what shotgun to bring to trap and field, you would not see a picture of my gun in the article.

Sometimes wildly inappropriate guns are MORE fun!

Don't forget the used market when you're shopping for your stuff.  There's a ton of people who didn't have fun or got frustrated with the sport and are looking to unload their gear on the cheap.  There's also people who love the sport and are upgrading their stuff and willing to help someone else get started for less than they paid, just to spread the joy of the sport.

Forget all that!  Actually, the best way to start shooting 2-gun is to borrow a friend's guns.  Then see if you like it.  You probably will.


  1. When I started 3 gun about 5 months ago, my shotgun was a Mossberg 500 with 20" cylinder choke barrel. After a few months I put on my 24" barrel with the modified accu-choke installed.

    Still doing it to have fun and practice gun handling.

  2. My three gun rig is a Ruger AR-556, Mossberg M590 and a Beretta 92FS. I place middle of the pack and have more fun that the fellows with Remmy V3s and Super 90s

    1. The weirdos (like us) always have more fun!

      I two-gunned for while with my XM177E2 clone and a 1911. Middle-last placing because I can't run, but had a blast!

  3. I've shot a ton of rounds of sporting Clays with my 590...never got so much as a second glance.. maybe I need to fix the bayonet!


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