20 October 2018

Bureau Number List

The numbers painted on the tails of the various Navy planes in Strike Fighters...

A-5A, RA-5C, A-6A, A-6B, A-6E, A-6E (TRAM), A-6E (SWIP), F-4B, F-4B "Shoehorn", F-4B "67", F-4J and F-4N all have a rotating BuNo in the appropriate range for the model.

A4D-1 (A-4A): 142687
A4D-2 (A-4B): 142687
A4D-2N (A-4C): 147386
A-4C "Shoehorn": 147386
A-4E (A4D-5): 149993
A-4E "Shoehorn": 149993
A-4E "67": 152029
A-4F: 155022
A-4F "74": 155022

A-7A: 153223
A-7B: 154430
A-7B "71": 154430
A-7C: 156794
A-7C "71": 156794
A-7E: 157497
A-7E "74": 157497

F8U-2 (F-8C): 146992
F-8C "Shoehorn": 146992
F8U-2N (F-8D): 147908
F-8D "Shoehorn": 147908
F8U-2NE (F-8E): 150349
F-8E "Shoehorn": 150349
F-8H: 147908
F-8H "69": 147908
F-8J: 150900
F-8J "69": 150900
F-8K: 147030

F-14A: 160406
F-14A "77": 160406

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