16 October 2018


Dusted off Strike Fighters and flew a couple.

I have lost all my finesse at landing on the carrier.


  1. I don't think I've tried that one.

    The last sim I played with a bunch was Falcon 4.0 when it was new.

    1. Strike Fighters is less detailed, sacrificing reality for simplicity and entertainment. But you get a heck of a lot more planes!

      TK's models are excellent and gorgeous.

    2. Support also ended in 2013, but there's a huge mod community.

  2. If that F-8 had a Texas tail, I could say I worked on it way back when; VF202 NAS Dallas. (tried to insert a picture, but that part seems to be blocked)

    1. I double checked, the game doesn't have the markings for VF-202's F-8H's.

      Had their Phantoms and Tomcats though: Deep In The Heart CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP of...

  3. bottlestop, you might have worked on her anyways. VF-162 was disbanded and turned in their planes in 1971.

    The F-8E in the pic doesn't have a unique buno, every plane of a given type has the same one! Every F-8E is 150349.


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