31 October 2018

It's A Common Thing

I had a row with a prominent person.

It triggered something of an existential crisis for me as a blogger.

I emerged knowing better who I am.

In a sense, I finally became me on my blog.

In the process I've found that there were people who preferred the almost-me from before to the actually me of now.  The differences are kinda subtle, but there is definitely an audience who left.

And have been replaced by new readers!

I'm happier being me, and treating my interactions with some as I would treat them rather than as someone who's worried if they're going to be invited to the next Blogmeet.

I'm not going to be and it no longer bothers me.

I spent too long hoping that if I tailored my writing just so that one of the cliques would invite me into the sanctum and show me the secret handshake.

High School 2.0.

I remembered that I was far happier once I'd given up on joining a clique in High School Actual and the friends made from that decision have been life-long.


  1. I still don't like you that much :P

  2. Self censorship to avoid what other may possibly be offend by creates nothing but self doubt and high blood pressure. Open up and let 'er rip, it makes good reading.

  3. Hey Angus;

    It is your blog, write what you want...that is why you blog, just why I blog, we can't be put in Facebook jail, LOL This is your corner of the internet.


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