20 October 2018

State Of The Alternates

6.8 SPC is running 17 loads from 5 manufacturers.  14 are available, and 3 are out of stock, no backorder.

6.5 Grendel is running 11 loads from 4 manufacturers.  7 are available, 1 is out of stock, backorder OK, and 3 are out of stock, no backorder.

.300 Blackout is running 50 loads from 17 manufacturers.  40 are available, 2 are coming soon, 5 are out of stock backorder OK and 5 are out of stock no backorder.

SPC and Grendel are a whisper (pun) from becoming wildcats.


  1. Rumor control has it that 6.8 SPC is the new army round. so i would not count it out yet here is a link https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a23654011/army-68-calliber-bullet-replace-556/

    1. Considering the 3,500 fps specified for a 125gr round, I don't think that's SPC which runs more like 2,500 fps with that bullet.

  2. That's 6.8 with a new telescoping/semi-caseless plastic cased wunderround. Because the Army learned absolutely nothing from the whole next-gen XM rifle projects.

    The whole competition/replacement push is being run by ex-generals working for private industry. Go figure.


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