10 October 2018

Snout Counting

Let's say that the Democrats had their way and the electoral college was divvied up by the popular vote per state.

Hillary 262.
Trump 256.
Third party 20.

But because the founders warned us of the most populous states dominating the less populous, I propose a split.

The portion of your electors from your House representation goes to the popular vote and the Senate portion gets chosen by the state's governor.

This seems fair to me, since the Senate is supposed to be the state's representation and not the people's.

Hillary 241.
Trump 275.
Third Party 22.

Or we can admit that the current method is actually just as fair and leave it alone.


  1. I would like to see all the states adopt the Maine/Nebraska model of allocating votes. Winner-take-all is too simplistic for my tastes.

    1. Maine/Nebraska is popular vote and exactly what the Democrats want and the founders warned of.


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