29 October 2018

Lifting The Veil

Why do my feet hurt so much?

"Could it be the extra hundred pounds you're lugging about, Lardass?"

Yeah, that could be it.

Something that won't hurt, I no longer have any soda in the house.

I'm going to see if I can't substantially reduce my sugar intake and see what that does.

Reading labels, I am still astonished at how much sugar and corn syrup are added to things which aren't sweet and don't need sweetening.

A packet of mayonnaise!  For something that's so simple you'd not expect them to add corn syrup to it, but there it was, "Vegetable Oil, Corn Syrup, Eggs, Flavoring, Preservative".

Where's the vinegar and lemon juice?

My home-made recipe is oil, vinegar, egg-yolk and lemon juice.  Dirt simple.  Sometimes we use a lime.  Sometimes we add some seasoning, like ground mustard or white pepper.

But corn syrup?


  1. Mayonnaise is awful anyway.

    Just stop eating it.

  2. Even I've gotten tired of the extra weight, if only because it's horribly inconvenient. After the holidays (I know better than to try to diet at my brother's place; my sister-in-law is a genius cook) I'm going to do what worked for me before: restrict caloric intake and see what happens.

  3. I bet that mayo you make is better than the shit in the tube!

  4. EVERYTHING has sugar in it these days. And sodium. Any breads that aren't triple double deluxe bonus superfiber/health/billion grain wheats? Piles of sugar. Soda is of course pure concentrated sugar with sugar added and sugar flavorings (Weirdly enough Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red is one of the sweetest tasting things you can drink and actually healthier and lower calorie than a lot of actual juices). I've seen some stuff on how added sweeteners/sugary drinks just completely mess with the body's ability to actually burn calories properly, so ferreting out sources of unnecessary bonus sugar is probably a good plan.


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