24 October 2018

I Love It When A Scheme Comes Together

The Bat is embarking on an adventure.

She's buying her hubby a private barrel from Foundry Distilling Company.

Once the whisky is removed from the barrel, whats to do with it?

My favorite local pico-brewery does barrel aged Imperial Russian Stouts.  I spoke with the owners and they love the idea of reusing the barrel for an aging.

But then what?

Not quite as local, but nearby, there's Siesta Key Rum.  Every year they do a beer barrel aged release for an insane price per bottle on a very limited basis.  Again, I've spoken with the owner and he's practically itching to use an Escape barrel for the beer-barrel release.

And it doesn't end there.  Siesta Key has a list of breweries who'll do their own barrel aging with it.

What do The Bat and I get?

The barrel rental is normally paid in the form of product.

This scheme will take years.


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