25 October 2018

I Might Be An Idiot

While I might be an idiot, it's better than being an asshole and a bully.

It feels good knowing I'm better than someone.

Several someones from the looks of things.


  1. I admit to the asshole part, I don't to the Bully.

    1. If you're not both then I'm not talking about you, am I?

  2. Angus, you do have supporters in the series of posts and the comment strings at dickheads place. Aesop is a bully and an Asshole, he's also wrong. I only ever commented at his place once. I didn't see the point after he more or less said I was an idiot. Fuck him and Tam (I closed comments cause people are mean) too. You get my thumbs up.

    1. That gives me a lot of relief.

      I've long had a simmering anger that Tam closed her comments because she had a commenter who was mean to her while she hit other people's comments and was serially just as mean.

      I am surprised to have been dragged into this as deeply as I was when it wasn't my event and I didn't attend it. Yet, I'm the fucking spokesman now?

    2. Takes great courage to shout at people and call them names and not allow the same back.

      Which is why I like it here. If I step on my male-unit, you'll tell me, I'll get over it, and it's all good.

      People up north are so weird, aren't they?

  3. Shit is what it is brother, don't let anyone get you down.


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