29 October 2018

What's Different

I'm sitting here dry firing all the 9mm's and trying to figure out why I shoot all of them better than my M&P.

I knew something was off when I shot the detested M9 better than the M&P.

I think I've figured it out.

The M&P has a lot more over-travel than any of the others.

The 9mm I shoot absolute best is my High-Power, it's got zero over-travel.

How do I correct for this?

I'm gonna try changing my grip a bit.


  1. I don't have an M&P in 9mm (mine is in .357 SIG), so I can't do a direct comparison.

    But I have noticed that the gun I seem to shoot best with, and the gun I feel most confident with, is my High-Power as well. I haven't really thought about why that is: it just seems like it fits me right, and when I pull the trigger, my shots go where I'm aiming.

    I should shoot a match with it.

    (The other odd thing is, it isn't even a particularly great High-Power: I bought it used over the counter at Cabela's. I think it may have been Israeli surplus, but I don't know for sure.(

    1. Izzy surplus will have inspector's stamps. Look for Star of David or an oval with a Hebrew character in it. The police guns Hebrew looks like a 'Y' in a circle. Army guns have a sort of "x" "pi" letters in an oval.

      My High-Power is an ex-police gun.

      I've shot a couple bowling pin shoots with it and it has an unfortunate tendency to fail to extract the empty every once and a while. Not fun to clear that on the clock.

  2. A lot of the guys I shoot IDPA with have dropped the APEX Trigger kit in their M&Ps.

    1. Dropped as in "stopped using it" or as in Dropped one in?


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