30 October 2018

No More Birthright Citizenship?

I have long felt that if your parents weren't here legally then you've no claim to US citizenship.

Looks like we might be getting an executive order to that effect.

I have no idea if this is going to be upheld by the courts.

It makes me wonder, though:  What if everyone born here had to take the same citizenship test that an immigrant takes before gaining citizenship.

Could it really be worse than what we have?  Might it be better?

What is clear, from talking to a couple naturalized citizens around here, is the process of becoming an American Citizen via naturalization actually teaches the applicant the civics lessons that the public school system no longer does.

Without knowledge of civics, how does the voter know how the system is supposed to work and why it's supposed to work that way.

This ignorance is probably why people are so confused about the electoral college.

1 comment:

  1. I find it very interesting that the very people who want us to follow other countries' laws about just about everything don't want us to follow those same countries' laws regarding citizenship.

    Some people, geez...


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