06 October 2018

Situational Awareness

The Lovely Harvey was up north for her Grandma's funeral.

At a rest-stop in Missouri she noticed someone dressed like a gang-banger paying a lot of attention to her and The Boy when they went up to the restrooms.

When they were leaving the restrooms he was uncomfortably close to their path, but not yet crowding it.

She says she just had, "a feeling" about this guy.

When they'd passed him, he started in their direction and was checking all around him.

She thanks keyless entry for getting The Boy into the car while she was able to turn and face him, hand on her pistol, and making eye contact.

Not today, Mr Gangbanger.  Not today.

He saw she was alert and prepared for anything he'd planned and suddenly did a 90 off the walk and over to another area of the rest-stop.


  1. Glad The Lovely Harvey and The Boy are okay. Sumdood was definitely scoping them out. Chalk it up to another instance of 'good gal with gun stops bad guy' without actually having to cap Sumdood in his ass.

    And in Missery? Damned. They are everywhere.

  2. Bravo, Harvey, bravo..........

  3. Street thugs can be a lot of things, but if they were expert actors they would probably be doing that instead.

    She felt he was up to no good probably because he was.

  4. Hey Angus;

    Listen to the gut, it is rarely wrong, it picks up nonverbal and subconscious clues that the conscious mind will miss.


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