27 October 2018

Living Rent Free

It would appear that I am living rent free in Aesop's head.

I still want to know how I became the official spokesperson for Florida Carry in Aesop's head.

He's focused on my sole comment about it pretty thoroughly.

He acts like I organized the event and told people to bring more than a pistol.

He's not offering anything different than what's been tried and failed before.

He's demanding we expect different results from doing the same things as have already been tried.  Isn't that a definition?

He's totally forgetting, even though it's been pointed out at least a couple of times, that Florida Carry's fishing events are very low-key affairs and this one was over the top because of the behavior of Miami-Dade's "finest" last month.  Wanna bet that next month is back to holstered handguns AND that the cops stay polite?  If so, WE FUCKING WON!

Wanna guess where I'm not hearing about this fishing event?

The local news.  During an election.

Even the local news isn't bothering with more than the same-day coverage already posted.

Because nobody really cares!

People just shrugged and said, "well what did the cops expect to happen after they overreacted?"

We're not hearing calls to end the small allowances given to open carry while fishing and hunting.

The only gun-control being discussed is the normal everyday stuff we've been hearing since Columbine with the name changed to Parkland, and we're not really hearing a lot of that either.

David Hogg is MIA.

If this was as bad as Aesop claims it was, Hogg would be all over it.  Update: If this was a dire a mistake as has been claimed, someone from the anti-gun crowd would be on TV explaining in lurid detail that this is the sort of whack-job the "average" gun owner is.


The only people truly upset and staying upset are the people who've complained about open carry before and really don't want it to be allowed.  They might concede that it shouldn't be illegal but they don't think people should do it anyways.  Update:  The only people calling them stupid and throwing insults are the supposed "rational" pro-gun people.  It's just you.

They also really hate it when you see through their insults, bullying and bluster.


  1. You said it, this was a win (probably a minor win, but a win none-the-less) and the only people who are spinning it as a loss are (alleged) Second Amendment supporters.

    Your Hogg point was great, also note that after Virginia tech, The NRA backed a law to update the NICS system (and frankly if we're going to keep that bullshit system, it was a sorely needed update) and the Brady Campaign also backed it.

    It was nearly a decade before the Brady Campaign stopped spraying champagne all over the locker room over that "Victory".

    Same goes a few years back when GOAL took a Massachusetts gun control bill and turned it into one of the biggest victories since I've lived here....but because there was still ONE anti-gun provision in it (The right to now deny ANY gun permit with no due process....and as far as I know nobody has been dumb enough to try that provision out because they KNOW that case will go to the supreme court) they took a victory lap.

    When an unknown Republican in a deep blue district cashes a $100 check from the NRA, then gets his ass kicked by the Bloomberg-Backed Democrat, Everytown issues a Press-release about the NRA being a Paper Tiger.

    When you have a backwards ideology and your ONLY revenue stream is a handful of extremist millionaires and billionaires you are desperate for ANYTHING to put up on the board as a Win.

    Yet the only people who are shaking their fingers are calling for Virgins to be tossed into the Volcano are people who SHOULD be our friends.

    The reason why we kick the ani-gunner's asses is because we stick together and we have grass roots, and these bloggers are spraying Roundup on the turf!

  2. Two comment from Aesop deleted.

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    Try again, or not.

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