05 October 2018

Is RINO Better?

I've read several well reasoned arguments about what we get for voting for Rick Scott (a RINO) over Bill Nelson (Democrat).

Some of it is convincing.

Even though Scott would likely stab us in the back at a moments notice, and we know this because he has before, the Democrats lose more than they gain because they lose a very senior senator.

Overall, it's a net gain.


While it hurts the Dems to a degree, it sends a signal that we don't really want people who will actually adhere to our values and fight for them.

Do we need another RINO in the Senate?  Aren't there already enough?

Letting Nelson be reelected is the status quo.  We know his measure and can work around him.

We've been working around him.  We can keep doing that.

We don't need to replace the agreeably dead McCain with another just like him.  Especially since Arizona will probably handle that on their own.


  1. They haven't called you a traitor yet? I am amazed.
    Maybe my Klan Troll is out getting drunk and porking goats

  2. This race is like looking in the cat's litter box and picking out the best turd. No matter which you pick, you get a turd.


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