27 October 2018

Are You Jim Zumbo 2.0?

If you look at the Florida Carry event with the flat-cap wearing dude armed beyond the teeth and you're having the hives...

You're Jim Zumbo 2.0.

You're support the right for people to carry but...

You're not really on our side.

I remember, not all that long ago, when we were exhorting hunters to realize that their guns were next if they didn't get on board and defend teh evol brack guns.

The socially unacceptable, "can't-take-them-deer-huntin'" AR-15's and AK's that scared the white people.

You used to express unity in the face of the enemy.  Not divisiveness.

Just as there are people who want to own something other than a bolt-gun or a duck-gun; there are people who want some damn comfort when they're carrying.  (An aside to anyone living north of the Mason-Dixon latitude:  I fucking dare you to conceal carry in Miami in August the way you do back home.  The good news is we know how to treat heatstroke down here thanks to European tourists).

Two of the people who've their panties most twisted over this are, in fact, gun writers; like the "where-did-he-go-what-happened-to-him" Jim Zumbo.

Is there something about becoming a professional gun writer that makes you unable to see you're wrong, or at least admit it?  Or admit it while you still have the job.

Zumbo apologized.

I repeat, "What are you doing to advance the expansion of gun rights in Florida?"  I am still waiting on an answer to this question from several corners.

The question is NOT, "How do you think McThag's support of open carry hurt the cause of gun-rights."  I find it very odd that your focus is on how I feel about this rather than the actual effects of the event.

So far, by belittling me, you've only managed to beclown yourselves.


  1. Excellent!

    Hate the apologists and weasel-worders. The 2nd Amendment is one of the clearest, most succinctly written, and only idiots or quislings would interpret it less than full-acceptance of all weapons, no matter how they look or act.

    Why do I want full auto, if I could afford it? The same way someone would want to keep a Z3 up and running. Or any other thing. Because I damned want to.

  2. Actually Zumbo spoke out against "terrorist rifles" on somebody else's dime, and they subsequently pulled all future dimes.

    Zumbo apologized and pulled that lame stunt with Ted Nugent because he didn't want to miss any meals

    The other writers referenced above talked their shit in their free ice cream machine, so there are no paychecks in jeopardy.

    That being said, I know lots of paid gun writers (some who sign the checks of the Zumbos) who don't feel that way, and will absolutely apologize if they accidentally drift off the reservation.

    And it would be an accident, as they wouldn't slight somebody on purpose.

    1. As someone who supplies the pennies that make the dimes they make at their paid gigs... I think I will buy something else with the money from now on.

      Especially since the ones with paid gigs appear to have suddenly changed once they started getting those dimes to the point where they don't seem like the same people any more.

      I knew Caleb would never apologize from way back when he was being a dick here, but I was surprised that Tam suddenly couldn't get over herself enough to realize she was owing an apology.

      But I notice that she's pals with Caleb...

    2. I had stopped reading them.

      Then Aesop came along and starting stirring the pot up again.

      I believe I got trolled there.

    3. I agree. Tam has changed since she became a paid writer. I thought I was the only one who saw it. Her blog, once a must read, is now boring and uninspiring.

    4. It's not just you. She used to be entertaining, now I read it mostly for gear reviews. She's also coming of more self-righteous than I was used to and I don't need that.


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