27 October 2018

Polar Bear Gun

Watching the InRange Q&A today and they mention that the gun for polar bears up Alaska way is a 3" 12ga slug.

What does GURPS say?

The round in question does 6d+1 pi++.

A polar bear has a ST of 20, thus 20 HP.  It also has DR 2 from its thick fur and tough skin.

The dice will give raw numbers from 7 to 37.

On the body this will give 10 to 70 points of damage from 5 to 35 points of penetration.

On average you're going to get 23 points of damage rolled, 21 will penetrate and 42 damage will be done.  That's a death roll on a body hit.

The average hit to the vitals is going to do a bit better with 63 points of damage dealt, two death rolls.

The 13 HT of the bear might mean you have to stay with it and keep pumping rounds until auto-death.

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