30 October 2018

Vision Related

The sudden change from point of aim to hitting low might be because of my eyes?

My vision is in the odd place where the reading portion of my bifocals makes the front sight of a pistol very clear and the target at 7-yards so indistinct that I can't really see the center of it.

Astigmatism is a joy.

The "long distance" portion of my glasses lets me see the target well, but the sights are too blurry to use.

Uncorrected, I can see both well enough to shoot OK.

What I was doing was peering over the top of my prescription glasses and under the brim of my hat.

The partial occlusion from the frames or the brim might have been distorting the image I was seeing.

I noticed this with the peep sight on a rifle.  Using my natural vision this way puts a flat section on the top of the peep's circle.  That makes me point just a little low...

More experimentation is needed.

1 comment:

  1. You could do what i did get an upper bifocal set for the front sight of the carry pistol. If you get a double bifocal make sure the is enough space for a decent level of normal vision between them. Tactical RX has an interesting setup your shoot eye has the bifocal portion on e top of the lens and the non-shooting eye has the bifocal in the normal place here is a link. http://tacticalrx.com


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