08 October 2018

I Don't Think Time Works This Way

I was listening to some harpy bleating about how Kavanaugh is a rapist.

I try to say there simply isn't any evidence of him copping a feel (the actual Ford allegation) let alone rape.

"It doesn't matter!  All women must be believed!"

What about Juanita Broadderick, Kathleen Willey, Leslie Willwee and Paula Jones?

"That was so long ago it doesn't matter now!"

Paula Jones was more recent than Christine Blasey Ford, so if Jones' allegation is too old to matter...

"You're just twisting my words!"

No, just trying to see what your objection to Justice Kavanaugh is.

You clearly don't mind that someone who has been accused of sexual assault gets into a position of power and you clearly have assigned a time limit on those accusations being valid.  What we're determining is the parameters where you are upset about someone who has been accused of sexual assault gaining access to power.

The key parameter appears to be whether there is a (D) behind their name or how liberal they are.


  1. Akin to the old story:

    A man asks a woman if she would have sex with a stranger for ten million dollars.
    She says that she would as it would mean her family was set for life.

    He asks if she would have sex with a stranger for five dollars.
    She is horrified at the suggestion. "No. That's an insulting question. What do you take me for?"

    He replies, "We have already established what you are. Now we are just haggling over price."

  2. Yet there's also a significant difference between an adult raping and a teenager (even a college student). So all those people yammering about Kavanaugh being evil vs Clinton not being evil, well, they can suck a bag of dirks.


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