31 October 2018

Conservatives Hate Jews?

I consider myself pretty conservative and I don't hate Jews.

Even if it were true, did the left ever consider that it could be a rational response to all the Jews whom hate us?

Schumer, Feinstein, Metzenbaum...

I certainly hate some Jews, but it's not because they're Jewish, it's because they're statist anti-gunners.

And I'm just hating them back.

Libtard Lenny is technically Jewish, I don't hate him.  I just can't stand to be around him when he wants to talk politics.  Unfortunately, that's all the time since Obama's second term.  Harvey reports that he's gotten worse since Trump was elected.  Again, it's politics and not his religion that makes us avoid him.

There's a few Jewish types in the several car clubs I associate with.  I'd have never known except how they ordered dinner.  Even a couple who won't eat dinner where the car-show is because it's not kosher if the kitchen is making bacon cheeseburgers; even if you don't order one.

But I don't hate a single Jew I know personally and I don't hate any Jew who's done me no wrong.

Except for a few liberal politicians, that's EVERY Jew.

I've no cause to hate the entire group.  It's done nothing ill to me.

I don't understand why the hate is attributed to me; maybe it's because I'm white, straight and male.

But none dare reply to this bigotry by calling it racism, heterophobic or sexist.


  1. Hey Angus;

    I had commented that American Jews are Liberals first and Jewish second...they join the liberals hoping to be indispensable to them so they will be protected and they don't realize that the liberals would sacrifice them on the alters of politics. The collages are antisemitic and they go with the liberal anti Israel agenda hoping to blend in and survive.

    1. Considering how tightly they cling to the "let's become indispensable" model it had to have been a successful survival model for a very long time.

      So many times where Jews are talked about in history they come pre-"othered" in the society they've embedded in. Being "The Other" normally is a long walk down a short pier.

      I sometimes think they keep at this strategy because, historically, what happened in the USSR and Nazi Germany are anomalies. What I fear is that the strategy is no longer valid and pogrom is going to be the norm, no matter how indispensable and ingratiated they think they are.

      Gods I hate saying "they" in such broad strokes.

  2. These stereotypes die hard; they're convenient for someone. "Everyone knows" conservatives are KKK so they'd hate Jews - never mind the fact that KKK was a Democrat party organization. "Conservatives hate Jews" is like "Christians hate Jews" - there might have been an element of truth 20 or 30 (or more) years ago, but it just isn't true. Now Christian churches almost compete to see who supports Israel more.

  3. Because when they are pointing their finger at you, three fingers are pointed back at them. You can take it to the bank that whatever they are accusing you of, they are guilty of themselves.


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