21 October 2018


Yesterday evening, Marv and I were cruising around testing to see if his stuck caliper repair had worked and to see if his cooling system fix had likewise been successful.

As we we were nearing the light-controlled intersection at an on-ramp; the light turned green.

The car in front of us entered the intersection and BAM!

An SUV, running the light and going rather fast, t-boned it from the offramp to the left!

We did the civic thing.  We stayed to help.

I got on 911 right away, Marv ran up to see what he could do.

There must have been 20 other people helping too, it was like a flash-mob of assistance.

I talked to the paramedics when they first arrived to give them the big picture on who was hurt and how bad.  The passenger in the SUV had obvious head injuries and was slipping in and out of consciousness.  I got a solid "Thanks!" from the Fire-Rescue supervisor for providing that quick overview.

The cops took Marv's information and statement.  I wonder if he's going to end up in court as a witness.


  1. I have two words for you, dash cam.

  2. Here's a video from last year after Irma.



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