25 October 2018

Yeah We Tried That

To all the people outside Florida telling us Floridians that what Florida Carry is doing is completely wrong and offering helpful suggestions about how we should be going about it:

We tried that already.

Yes, even that.

That too.

No really, we did.

Florida isn't like where you're from, so the things that work where you are don't work here.

To be perfectly frank about it, if Florida had been listening to a lot of the naysayers about how it should be doing things today; back in '87 there'd have never have been a push at the state level to change from hardly ever issue to shall-issue.


  1. Wow. Something doesn't work universally to achieve the same result? But, but, we've been told we need to do the same thing as X so that we can accomplish Y for so many things!

  2. Too little, too late. They wasted too much time and money in Norman v. Florida. Plus a fuck up in the Legislature where they ended up siding with Moms Demand did not help them either.

    1. A few things about your response stand out. First, you're in Florida. Second, you're offering a genuine, if blunt, critique of what you feel went wrong. Third, you're not mocking the people who participated, you're simply saying it failed.

  3. I, for one, applaud the so-called LARPers for what they do. Especially in Sud Florida, where so many idiot northerners are trying to turn Florida into Massachusetts-South. People carrying guns. Woooo. Phases me not.

    Now, when it's 100/100 like on a typical Florida summer day (feels like 100 degrees, 100% humidity) to force people to walk around in friggin sports coats or 'gun-burkas' or other such multi-layer nonsense makes a concealed carrier stand out as much or even more than a comfortable open carrier. Other people, up north way, may be able to wear multi-layers and be comfortable, but up here in Gainesville during the summer, without any sea-breeze to move the air? You almost need a chainsaw to cut the air it's so friggin thick. And I would love it most greatly to open carry.

    1. Here here! Mandatory concealment in Florida is as oppressive as mandatory open carry in Wisconsin.

      And given that wardrobe malfunctions happen to everyone, so mandatory concealment is just as bad here in Massachusetts as it is in Florida!

  4. I also find it extremely funny, in a funny-curious not funny-haha way, that there are hordes of people out there perfectly okay with other people 'flying their freak' and exhibiting all sorts of deviancy openly, but a handful of people want to express their love for the 2nd Amendment and suddenly OMG, it's the end of the world.

    Especially from supposed 'pro-gun' people. I have lost a lot of respect towards certain bloggers with their treatment of the 'LARPers.' It may all be fun and games for them to blow thousands or tens of thousands at gun-bunny workshops and the latest and greatest bang-for-your-buck, but for these gun-snobs to look down their noses at the common man, well, that's just equivalent to the bolt-gunners using their political clout to stop semi-autos in hunting or common use.

    Hey People. You're either full 2A or you're the enemy. Screw it. I should be able to pull that 37mm anti-tank or 40mm Bofors behind my minivan, and have the ammo for it because what part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED don't you over-educated soy-gun-bunnies not understand?

    Pissed am I. These are the same sumdoods and sumdoodettes that compromise on every friggin thing. Want your state to go full California? This is how you go full California!

    Grrrrrrr. Some people's kids should know better. If I want to walk around with a broadsword, tomahawk, 870 tactical and a brace of pistols, all out in the open, well, screw you. My body, my choice!

    1. I have to award this the Comment of the Week award!

    2. Thanks. I have been rather cranky lately watching the stellar voices of 'TEH 2A' toss the rest of us away because a notorious anti-2A bunch of shirt-weasels got their comeuppance. I mean, not all of us can look like sexually frustrated hobos in their gun-burkas, nor do we want to.

      Damn. If I could afford to go to gun classes, drink beer, shoot all day long, I'd think I'd be smiling and a lot less angry at the world. As it is, I can afford to fondle the few pea-shooters I have and think about one day actually shooting some of my carefully horded ammo. I know the basics, like don't shoot my own junk off, don't accidentally shoot someone else's junk off, and so forth. Heck, I shoot better than most cops I know (which, of course, isn't saying much...)

      And after watching the stellar gun bloggers backpedal quicker than Michael Jackson on FIRE, well, I now understand why so many people think the actions of the NRA make it a somewhat less spectacular organization than it thinks it is.

      Oh well. That's the fun part of being an American. We're allowed to have differing opinions without being lined up against the wall and shot. Or it's supposed to be, as long as the DNC can be held back.


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