08 October 2018

M1911A1 Update

CMP 1911 orders will not be accepted post marked after Oct. 4.

We will allow time for all deliveries to be made before entering packets into the RNG.

October 6, 2018 Update:
Please disregard the Oct. 5th date about the Random Number Generator (RNG) notification. We are allowing the mail services, USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, Carrier Pigeon & Pony Express, to deliver all packets post marked on or before 4th Oct. Once all packets have been assigned a number (this will also take a few days), we will enter the numbers into the RNG which will then assign a number to each packet. Once all packets have their assigned RNG number, we will start the processing of the packets. Each packet has to be check for correction/completion before we can notify anyone, this will also take time. Please allow at least 30 days before anyone is notified. Everyone MUST bear with us as this is a first for us also.
DO NOT CALL or EMAIL ASKING WHAT YOUR NUMBER IS--All this does is slow us down and upsets you.

We understand everyone wants to know their number and we will work as fast as we can. As we did with the early submission packets, we will try to notify those that packets were not accepted. This will be after those that were accepted are notified. At this time we have over 17,000+ packets. 
Feel free to join the 1911 discussions on the CMP Forum.

At one point they were guessing they were going to have 100k packets to process.  They have fewer than a fifth of that now.

That changes the odds from 1:10 to just worse than 1:2...  I've a rising feeling of dread excitement here.

Also, I had no idea The Pony Express was still running...

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