25 October 2018

I'm Not EOD But I Am A Gamemaster

Looking at the photo of one of the pipe bombs.

First, the initiator wires go in from opposite ends.  Traditionally the initiator is a blasting cap.  Blasting caps have two wires coming out the same end, so bringing the wires out of the cap out opposite ends of the bomb is a lot of extra work.

The timer and wires are taped to the body of the device.  Other pictures show the clock-face of the timer, meaning the battery compartment is against the body of the bomb.  What this says is they taped up a ready to go and electrified assembly.

Other photos also show the buttons on the timer proud of the face of the clock.  It'd be a miracle if those buttons didn't get pushed and set it off in shipping.

If this is a real bomb, we're going to find the maker after he blows himself up.

1 comment:

  1. We made better (ahem) 'fake' ones when we were 12. Kids these days...


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