12 October 2018

But They Aren't Afraid

Homophobia.  Literally fear of same.

Homophobia is applied to people who hate homosexuals.

The thing is, they don't fear homosexuals, they hate them.

Homomisoia is the word your reaching for.

In this same line of, "we're products of a school system that doesn't bother teaching where language comes from," of getting it wrong...

Pedophile.  Child lover.  With lover here NOT meaning make love but more like parental affection.

Pederast is the proper work for child molester.  Erastes IS the form of "love" which means fucking.


  1. Yet again the sloppiness and poor quality of our schools is shown.
    But in the case of "pedophile", I think the word choice is intentional, an attempt to portray themselves in a positive light.

  2. Why aren't there words for:
    Fear of capitalism
    Fear of self reliance
    Fear of logical arguments?

    It seems to me that a news commentator could get a lot of mileage could get a lot of mileage out words like that nowadays.


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