07 October 2018

Doom And Gloom In The Sunshine State

Apparently the election is already over and the Democrats have completely taken over Florida so it's time to move to another state.

This is based on the polls saying that Gillum is far ahead of DeSantis.

I remember other polls by the same agencies.

I cannot wait for 2020 when we finally get rid of President Hillary Clinton...


It's not President Clinton, it's President Trump.

Almost as if the polls were wrong or something.  Almost as if their methodology was flawed.

I'll land two positives that the press and the pollsters won't mention.

First DeSantis is the first gubernatorial candidate since I moved here that I want to vote for, rather than voting against their opponent.  I'm not alone.

Second, Gillum is going full Newyorkdamnyankeeliberal gun-control openly in his ads.

Someone Republicans want to vote for and the gun-owner turn out?

This fight ain't over.

Never mind how much liberals have been embarrassing themselves lately.


  1. Not to mention that the fallout of the Kavanaugh confirmation has pissed a lot of people off, in not a 'pro-dem' way.

  2. Hey Angus;

    Beans is correct, a bunch of people that were *meh* about the 2018 election are now pissed about how the democrats acted on the Kavanaugh hearings, it woke a lot of "never Trumpers and establishment GOP'ers about how bad the democrats are and they are climbing on the Trump train.

    1. It's even turned some of the outright socialists up here in Karl Marx County (Alachua County.) There's some dems that don't wanna dem anymore, for now.

      Not to mention all the hidden fallout from the Parkland fiasco, as more and more the Party Dems seem to be the direct cause of that complete screwup.


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