04 August 2019

10mm Colt Delta Elite

Reading about the 10mm Luger reminded me of the Colt.

Talk about a starting point that makes the Colt seem downright reasonably priced.

A quick search of Gunbroker shows them running about a grand.

But the best part of the search was seeing the gun shop that I'd spent so much money in back when I lived in Ames, Iowa is selling one.

THAT really got the juices flowing.

I can see Paul now, "He moved 22 years ago, and he's still buying guns from me?"

There's a wistful pull to scour the couch cushions for the spare change to get it.

It'd also plug a hole in my 1911 array.

I've got an M1911A1 in .45 ACP and a Colt Government Model in .38 Super.

I kinda need a 10mm, don't I?

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