24 August 2019

It's Out!

What's the hardest part of getting this done?

The fucking parking brake cables!

They have a clip system that requires it to be compressed 360˚ around the clip, but only gives access to like 48˚.  So you end up taking the cables off at the calipers instead of the body.

Stupid design decision.  AGAIN.

I am so sick of modern cars.

I am seriously wondering if I can sell the Vette for something like a 72 Chevelle or Nova and swapping in an LS3.  Ditching all of the design decisions which center around ease of assembly at the factory has a great deal of appeal.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Angus;

    That is a good idea, swapping the Vette for an older muscle car with an updated engine and suspension...? very appealing, there are a lot of people doing that. On the flipside, you know the "Vette" its pluses and minuses as it were. If you get another car, you get another mans problems. Better the devil you know.


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